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A2N, Inc.                                                                                                              Telephone: 715.247.2750
503 Shay Street                                                                                                     Facsimile: 715.247.2763
Somerset, WI 54025                                                                                          Email:
Driving directions to A2N, Inc. from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport
A2N, Inc. Is located 1 hour from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP) on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. Convenient driving directions from MSP are located below, or simply use the MapQuest link below for custom directions to our facility.
1.     Start out going northwest on Glumack Drive.
2.     Turn slight left toward Parking.
3.     Stay straight to go onto Glumes Drive.
4.     Merge onto MN-5 E toward MN-55 / St Paul / Minneapolis.
5.     Take the MN-55 W / MN-55 E exit toward Minneapolis / Fort Snelling / Hastings.
6.     Merge onto MN-55 E toward Mendota Br.
7.     Take MN-110 E toward MN-13 N.
8.     Take the I-494 E / US-52 ramp.
9.     Merge onto I-494 E via the ramp on the left.
10.   Merge onto I-694 N.
11.   Merge onto MN-36 E via EXIT 52B toward Stillwater.
12.   Turn right onto E Chestnut St / MN-36 (Crossing into Wisconsin).
13.   E Chestnut St / MN-36 becomes WI-64.
14.   WI-64 becomes WI-35 N.
15.   Take the WI-35 N ramp toward Somerset.
16.   Turn left onto WI-35 N / WI-64-BR W.
17.   Turn right onto Church Hill Rd / WI-35.
18.   Turn right onto Laser Dr.
19.   Take the 1st left onto Reed St.
20.   Take the 1st right onto Shay St.
21.   503 SHAY ST is on the left.

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