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Rates and Services

Hourly time and material rates
  • Standard rate
    • Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 4:30pm, excluding holidays - $110.00 USD per hour.
  • Time and a half rate
    • Monday through Friday, 4:30pm to 7:30am and Saturdays excluding holidays - $165.00 USD per hour. 
  • Double time
    • Sundays and Holidays - $220.00 USD per hour.
Hourly shop rate
  • Monday through Friday; 7:30am to 4:30pm: $95.00 USD per hour. Overtime rates apply.
Travel zones and rates
Zone Mileage range Type of travel Billable units A2N bill rate
1 0-40 miles Auto Roundtrip $74.12
2 41-80 miles Auto Roundtrip $114.35
3 81-120 miles Auto Roundtrip $169.4
4 121-160 miles Auto Roundtrip $209.64
5 161-200 miles Auto Roundtrip $260.46
6 201+ Auto Hourly $57.18
7 201+ Time and a half Air/Other Hourly $85.77
8 N/A Air/Other Hourly $44.00
9 N/A Air/Other/Time and half Hourly $66.00
10 N/A Air/Other/Double Hourly $88.00

Travel related expenses
  • Incidental travel expenses are billed as incurred.
  • Lodging and meal charges are based upon the Internal Revenue Services’ Daily Per Diem rate table for your geographic area. Please contact us for the rate that applies to your area.
Other services available
  • Printer Maintenance Training
    • On-site or facility hands-on training of Personnel. 
  • Extended System Warranties
    • A2N, Inc. offers extended warranties on most products we sell. 
  • Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service Agreements
    • A2N, Inc. offers annual, bi-annual and quarterly PM maintenance agreements to ensure your systems are operating effectively. 
  • Full Service Maintenance Agreements (FSMA)
    • On-site service, including all parts, labor and travel at no additional charge. Some geographic areas may not be eligible for this program. 
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
MSDS sheets are used to identify and describe the hazards of a particular material, and to provide information on how such a material can be handled, used, stored and disposed of safely. A2N, Inc. offers Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the inks, make-up fluids and cleaners used by our systems. To obtain product specific MSDS information please contact us.